1. 1.0 is an evolving digital currency(evo-currency) platform which means you can either gain or lose your money but the chance of losing money with 9jagold is rare, the aim is to develop into a standard digital currency for its members and the nation at large.
  2. 1.1 actions are not against the provisions of the amended 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and therefore legit and legal with all its dealings.
  3. 1.2 as an online financial platform also aim for the development of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and can be subjected to tax payment at any time by the right bodies.
By using this innovative platform, reserve the right to
  • Temporarily or permanently block your 9jagold account if it is being used for any fraudulent activities.
  • Force-sell your 9jagold at any point in time.
  • Force-sell your 9jagold if you have more than the current maximum.
  • Increase or decrease the worth of its 9jagold at any point in time.
  • Call members at any point in time, if errors are being discovered in your account.
  • Release transaction details to adequate legal bodies if need arise.
  • Suspend your account if you create more than one account.

1.3 has an online body does not participate in any promotions other than the ones display at the homepage of the website,instagram page or facebook page and do not associate itself with any illegal person or company.


1.4 usually recommend that members should buy 9jagold from the accredited marketers and will investigate in terms of any transaction failures.

1.5 If you are buying 9jagold from the Gold market, it is important that it is a physical transaction to avoid being scammed or defraud and 9jagold will not take any responsibility because all members are responsible for what they post at the 9JAGOLD Market.


2.1 If you are selling your 9jagold to us, it should be noted that has the sole right to increase or decrease the duration of when you will get paid.

2.2 You will take full responsibility of your transactions if you are selling your 9jagold at the gold market.


2.3 If any issue arise with the marketers, 9jagold will drop all details of the marketers to aid the investigation. Nevertheless, will take responsibility concerning the issue and all will be solve in unit.

2.4 can pay you your 9jagold in exchange for naira at any point in time.

2.5 Once again activities will always be in line with this giving terms and conditions.