What is 9jagold.com

9JAGOLD.COM is the first evo-currency(evolving digital currency) platform and number 1 evo-currency as seen on evocurrency.com. 9jagold.com gives you the option to EARN or BUY 9jagold and sell it at higher price because the value off the 9jaGold increases daily or every 12hours and it rarely decrease. For example, if you have 0.7 9jagold today, the value of the 9jaGold you bought may increase by tommorow , you may now decide to SELL your 9jaGold to us or sell it to members around you or keep it for up to one year or exchange it for goods and services at the 9jagold market

For example-If you have 9jagold worth ₦100 , the value of the 9jagold would have increased to about ₦ 130 or more the next day, you can now decide to sell your 9jaGold that day or keep it, you can also exchange it for goods and services at the 9jagold market

How does 9JAGOLD operate?

9jagold is the first evo-currency(evolving digital currency) in Nigeria. It is simple to understand, you have 9jagold this week, you sell it at higher price or you use it to pay for goods or services. You can either sell it directly to us or sell it to another member around you or exchange it for goods and services at the 9jagold market. Note that when selling to another member, it must be a physical transaction to avoid scam.

Does the value of 9jaGold increase every daily?

Yes, the value of 9jaGold increase every day but it rarely decrease also).

What determines the daily price of 9jagold?

The total unit of 9jagold that was given out by 9jagold.com will determine the daily price and also calculation of the inflow and outflow of 9jagold of the previous day, will determine the expected prices.

Can i create multiple account with 9jagold.com

You must not create more than one account or use the same bank account to create multiple account.If we find out, your account will be suspended

For how long can i keep my 9jagold

If you have 9jagold you have to sell it within one month or it will be force-sell and you will not receive your total worth of 9jagold

What is the term DPC (Double Price Change)?

DPC is when prices depreciate in the morning and it appreciate later in the afternoon or evening on the same day OR when prices depreciate in the morning and it appreciate in the afternoon or evening. Double price change rarely happens because in most days prices only change once. Double price change occurs once in 7days or 14days, it is very rare. On a day of DOUBLE PRICE CHANGE,Sales are calculated based on the final price of that day. .

What is force-sell?

Force-sell simply means that 9jagold.com can refund your 9jagold at any time in other to aviod accumulation of 9jagold, if you decide not to sell your 9jagold after 52 weeks, 9jagold may decide to or not to force-sell your 9jagold .

What if i refuse to sell my 9jagold after the One Month and i keep my 9jagold using illegal means by transferring it to my another account or creating more than one account

Your 9jagold account will be terminated without prior notice. do not attempt to keep your 9jagold for more than One Month. You have to sell and buy 9jagold. .

How can I buy 9jaGold?

You can only buy units from 9jagold Marketers, Login and click on buy 9jagold to see list of reccomended marketers..

Buying 9jaGold from Marketers

  • Login to your account
  • Click on Buy 9jaGold
  • You will be redirected to the page which you will see available Marketers.
  • Call any one of them or visit their website.
  • Provide your username and state the amount of 9jaGold you want, you will be asked to pay into their account.
  • After payment, call the Marketer to fund your account and your 9JAGOLD will be funded within few minutes.

How to sell 9jaGold?

There are two ways to sell your 9jaGold, you can either sell it to us directly by clicking on SELL 9JAGOLD, or sell it to a nearby person using the GOLD MARKET.

How to earn 9jaGold?

You can earn 9jagold by providing a service only you can offer at the 9jagold market, you can also earn 9jagold buy selling your new or used stuffs at the 9jagold Market

What is the Gold Market?

The gold market is where buyers and sellers of 9jaGold exchange 9jagold for cash or vise-versa. You may decide whether to use the Gold market to buy and sell your 9jagold or buy your 9jagold from our Marketers and sell it to us directly.

How much do 9jagold.com charge for direct sales of 9jagold?

If you are selling your 9jagold to us, we will charge you from 1% to 2% of the total amount of your 9jagold.

When does the price of 9jagold change?

The worth of 9jaGold changes every day of the week and by morning all prices would have been updated.

How many 9jagold can i transfer to another member?

You can only transfer 0.01 to another member, if you transfer more than that, the 9jagold will be considered void and invalid.

How can I be an accredited Marketer of 9JAGOLD and what is my commission?

You can be an accredited Marketer of 9jagold and start earning 5% on each 9jagold you sell. All you have to do is to email us at marketers@9jagold.com for more informations.

What is the minimum/maximum amount of 9jagold I can buy?

The minimum is 0.1, the maximum you can acquire is not limited, you can acquire any amount of unit.